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Quit trying so hard to be right... and contradicting yourself in the process!
Need I explain how and where?

Did you ask if I had to continually add more coolant? Did you ask to what extent I was overheating, or
if I had tried to bleed the system before my mechanic friend did? You assumed that I left the car at a shop
and may have no idea what he did.
Further, you do not understand as much as you think you do of our cooling systems. Do you know the
difference between a serial and parallel type cooling system, and which of those the M50 design is?

Do some reading on "air pockets/hot spots" in automotive cooling systems, then come back and tell me
that they cannot cause a coolant loss or overheating.

The white smoke and froth under the oil cap was simply condensation from hardly being driven,
and this occurred during the winter. Can you grasp that? Research this before you profess to know all,
unless you are simply making suggestions, clearly you've read that many overheating problems on
this car are due to faulty water pumps or thermostats, and are dwelling on that, suggesting that one
or the other MUST have been causing my problem. OBVIOUSLY neither was the cause.

Now! If you have any new thoughts on what actually solved my problem I'm open for entertainment!

Oh! FYI, my car never went to a shop, was never out of my sight, and I was present when my buddy came
to my house to bleed the system.

I repeat; no further issues!

I posted my experience as food for thought, not in disagreement with your opinions or suggestions on the
OP's situation. Why are you trying to help me with a non issue?
Is it still unclear to you what actually solved my problem?

OMG!! Could it have been that I replaced the BRASS BLEEDER PLUG with an original plastic one?

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