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Hello I am new here too but I may be able to give you some advice. A few years ago I owned a 1999 Vauxhall Omega Elite 2.5 auto. This car was built in Germany and was a lovely ride but from time to time I had exactly the same problem. Start the car, put it in D and move off. 'CLUNK' gearwheel with exclamation mark on dash. The warning on the computer said 'Auto Gearbox in Safe Mode'. Clunky gear changes and it seemed like the auto clutch was slipping. The only way to get rid of the problem was stop, turn off engine and re-start but bugger me 200 yards down the road it went again. It progressively got worse until I was at the point of not wanting to drive it at all. Anyway, I got on the forums and found out it was simply the gear selector switch. I dont know about the auto Beemers but this car had little orange LED's next to the gear selector ie, R,1,2,3,D,N,P had lights next to them and would light up next to the selected gear. When the problem ocurred all the lights would come on regardless of what gear you were in. It turned out to be the selector switch which was a small black box on the side of the gearbox containing nothing but a circuit board. When the gear lever was in say D, a linkage to this box would simlply light the LED to indicate what gear your in.......pretty pointless but what this simple fault did was freak out the computer and tell the engine management there was a gearbox fault hence it went into 'safe mode'.

Worth a look buddy as Im sure BMW will use the same principle. It was a 50 fix for the Omega and it 100% cured it. Good luck mate let me know how it goes.

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