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Originally Posted by dunderhi View Post
MotorTrend drove it like an economy car and they barely got to 240 miles on a full charge. Aggressive driving during their performance testing yielded about 50 miles on a charge. Has anyone else independently tested the Tesla S and got 300 miles? Of course none of this matters if one only drives ten miles a day.
If I drive my M3 at 8300rpm all day then I will get about 6-8mpg -a track session gave me less, but the minimum showing at the OBC is 6mpg. Making its total range about 96-140 miles. Or less.

So yes, agressive driving obviously will give less range.

I think that the point of Tesla, as a company, is great for everybody. Hopefully it will be just the beginning of the full development and implementation of electric cars as a mainstream transportation alternative. I like my M3, but I really do not like the whole oil dependency on some messed up country resources, especially as a former member of the armed forces. We already have great hybrids, and now a great electric car. Good. They just need to offer relatively affordable models and make a profit. The rest will take care of itself...
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