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Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
I am currently a E90 owner, an I am starting to like my car more and more everyday.

Other than what's on paper, I want to know what are your thoughts on living with E90 day to day vs F30.

I heard everywhere that the interior quality has improved over E90. I recently got to sit in a F30 and I do have to say they Did cut back on 'soft-touch' plastic on certain surfaces.
Hmmm. Had two e90s and now I'm in this F30.

Ride: F30
Handling: F30 (even with narrow tires it'll take the same corners much better than my e90s)
Space: F30
Interior fit and finish: F30
Cockpit design: F30
Exterior styling: F30
Overall size: E90 (easy, the F30 is massive)
Suspension: F30
Engine: F30
Economy: F30
Luxury features: F30
Driving feel: e90 without a doubt.
NVH: 330i e90 (not my 335i e90)
Engine sound: E90 330i (not the 335i...which had no engine sound)
Transmission: e90 330i
Brakes: F30
Tires: e90 335i (F30 has some insanely bad/narrow tires on sport models)

Of course if my 2003 ZHP were sold today with a new 4 year warranty, I'd take that car without pause. It's way smaller (yahoo), not as luxurious but far more alive/exciting to drive and far better looking than the e9x/f3x cars. Sadly, BMW no longer sells a compact sedan in the US double XL.

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