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Originally Posted by Nick323 View Post
TerrorActivity, I think ask yourself 3 questions:
1) How much experience in swaps do I have or can I get somebody good to do that for me
2) How much money am I prepared to spend
3) In what condition is the rest of the vehicle & what will I have to do/spend before it can handle the envisaged power

Personally I would stick with a 6 cylinder that uses a similar crank-trigger arangent as the M20 motor and then use the Unichip to control the stock ECU, MAF and Vanos
Exactly right. Huge electrical and engineering challenges is such a project, and probably a lifetime of bugs. Then the purt near inevitable situations where you suddenly realize that you can't service (fill in blank) or remove this or that part w/o pulling the engine.

Better off to buy an M5 with V10 or maybe a Mercedes 6000. Major auto manufacturers do a better job at engineering these things than we average civilians.

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