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need advise, 2008 X5 trany problem


Just bought a used 2008 X5 3.0si 65,000mi from a used car lot. I have been driving it for a week and everything was fine until I took it for a 2 hr ride on the highway. I was accelerating (not aggressively) and the transmission down shifted abruptly and an error message on the screen telling me "transmission malfunction, reduced acceleration, go to nearest BMW service center". I shut the car off to clear it and attempted to drive back home, 10 mins later it happened again.

X5 is now at a transmission shop provided by the used car company I bought it from. He can't
find error codes, and has been driving to see if the problem will show again.

Does anybody have an idea to what this might be? Has anybody experienced this in their early e70 X5?

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