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Originally Posted by LegendsNeverDie View Post
Here is some good information for you but obviously you have to drive them both back to back.

What Works:

Superb ride quality, yet still capable on twisty roads; strong four-cylinder engine almost makes you stop wanting a six; interior is spacious and well-built, with a logical control layout.

What Needs Work:
Doesn't handle, steer or stop as well as its predecessor; and tell us again why power seats and adjustable lumbar are optional.

Bottom Line:
The base 3 Series has never been quicker or more comfortable. It doesn't feel as much like a sport sedan as the old 328i, but unless you're truly hard-core, you probably won't care.
For 2013 power seats are std on all models in the US. And low rolling resistance tires are the reason some poor braking results in car mag tests.
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