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High engine load, can cause damage to catalytic converters - Warning on iDrive

Hello all,

Hope somebody can shed some light on this issue.

I haven't been using my car much for the past week as I've not been working. My car has mostly been sat around. I gave the car a 2 day detail, just getting it up to my standards as I've just recently purchased her.

I switched the car on today to move it after cleaning the interior, the engine was cold as I had not moved it since yesterday morning. When the car was warming up, it started juddering and a warning them came on the iDrive screen soon after with the following message:

High engine load, can cause damage to catalytic converters
(might be shown differently on screen)

It came on screen briefly then went off.

I am going to get the codes read at my local BMW specialist but I am really worried and wanted some advice prior to getting the codes read.

Is it safe to drive the car?
What could be wrong?

I really appreciate all your help. Lets hope it's not something major
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