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Thank you Thank you

The internet truly is a marvelous thing if used right. my 2005 745i had been doing some very odd things these days and finally started shifting into nuetral at every light and stalling. It would start again but stall again as well. Forget stopping at a light on a hill. i'd still be there. So knowing what official BMW service places charge for finding these needles in haystacks, I went hunting on the internet and found a few articles all mentioning the CVV valve and this beautiful one with pics! Seemed easy enough but I've been suckered before ...

So i ride my bike to the nearest BMW dealership and paid double what I could have got these valves online but hey.. needed my car NOW and 80 bucks to try it out seemed pretty amazing to me - if it worked.

I printed out the pics, bought a star tool kit and went at it. The cover came off easy enough and so did the two caps on each side. It was tricky to get the old valve covers off but if you break a few tabs on them - so what - you're tossing them anyway.

As soon as I got the first cap off I could see the problem. The rubber seal was pretty much ripped over half way around. The left side was even worse and was just hanging on by a rubber band sized piece. Now I was excited - this could really work. I popped in the new springs and rubber valves and pushed the caps on - snap - all set. Side covers were a little tricky but went on after a few tries. The total repair took i swear 15 minutes max to change out both of units and when I started it...... OMG... it was like a new car.

Smooth as silk idle and no stall tendencies at all.

Some things are tougher than they appear or described but with the help of this article - this was not one of them. Easy as pie and who knows how much I saved by trying this first. From what I hear - BMW techs can keep trying things till you're living in a van down by the river.

This was a great article and I owe a huge thanks for whoever put it together. if you've got similiar problems with your 745i, stalling at lights, rough idle.. etc... don;t even think about a tech doing this. order both online for 33 bucks and feel like the king of the world when the damn thing hums like a kitten.
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