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Originally Posted by jeaux View Post
I am very much revealing my ignorance here, but I don't now remember which fan it was, just that I think there are two (one is a back-up perhaps?) and they cool the engine down. So I am guessing engine fan. And I read that the fan issue is a common reason for the E-34 to have overheating issues. Actually I paid 27$ to when I was so frustrated with how my mechanic could 't figure out why it kept overheating and had spent 100's and 100's of dollars trying many non essential fixes. And the expense of those hoses! Best 27$ I have even spent!
There's a damn good chance that your aux fan circuit is busted. Probably your aux fan's coolant temp sensor. Your aux fan is the backup for your clutch fan.

I'm running my car on my aux fan alone and it works fine. Have removed the clutch fan, so even if your clutch fan was busted, the aux fan should have been able to compensate without difficulty. I think you ought to take a look at that as well. Please see bentley for more information.


p.s. Point taken LD.

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