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Originally Posted by ard View Post
"reset" isn't a complete description. A power down, reset all adaptive values, etc, should not erase the historical fault code reporting. But I am not sure. I dont have any experience with E70s, just older E39s. I guess there may be a way to 'reset the cpu' such that you lose the info.

The challenge for you, IMO, is to quickly figure out if you were sold a car with an existing (and perhaps known) defect... I would not be allowing the 'team' that possibly patched this up and sold it to you, to mess with it and maybe slip it back to you.

Perhaps this dealer had a tranny fault, took it to the mechanic, and the mechanic 'fixed' it and gave it to the dealer with "Its ready to sell". Now, two weeks, and the same fault. Dealer is telling the mechanic "you need to figure this out, you told me it was fine".....

I'm wildly speculating here, but as long as you are bringing it to the dealers' mechanic, assume everything he says is...well... lets say 'maybe not the whole truth".

Also, you bought this 'as is' right? Why ARE they helping out?? Just a solid, ethical used car lot?? I am so damn jaded.....

The Mechanic is not part of the used car dealer, but I'm sure they're friends. Bought the car with 2500mi or 60 day warranty. they are paying for everything. If the problem persists they will buy back the car.

I am really frustrated with BMW right now, I'm thinking the only good BMW's are manual trans.
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