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Originally Posted by yoshi View Post
I'm looking to do a ED on a 335i M-sport. Would it be a bad idea to simply approach a dealer with the pricing from and flat out state "you have my business for $500 over invoice/wholesale out the door?" If it's a bad idea, why? I'm thinking it's a quick way for the dealership to make a sale with minimal effort...

For those of you that have bought their cars for below invoice, how did you do it? Were these cars that were already on the lot or were they ordered?

I'm new to car buying and am not sure how to approach this. I've already sent out emails to a number of dealerships indicating my interest in doing ED and listed out the exact specs of the car I'm looking for. I've only heard back from a few dealership so far. Based on what I've read on this forum, it sounds like trying to use price quotes from a given dealership to have another dealership match/beat the price is not a good practice?

Any help I can get to get me in my first bimmer would be appreciated!
It's a fine plan. Are you planning to do a performance center delivery pickup after ED or do you want your car delivered to your local dealer? If you do PCD, you can order from any dealer in the country. That's what I did, I shopped around nationally and found someone willing to give me great service at a great price.
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