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Originally Posted by Yorgi View Post
The misfiring engine probably resulted in the car running rich. A large amount of unburnt fuel would be picked up by the O2 sensor and warn you that the cats will basically burn up if you keep driving very rich.

You can drive it to a dealer if the misfire clears itself after the car warms up but if the car is running very rough even after warming up for a few minutes it might be a good idea to tow it. Cats are not cheap.
Thank you for your reply mate.

Why do you think the car is misfiring?

I've had a cold start rough idle for a while now but it's not really worried me as I thought it was normal. The weird thing is, the rev needle doesn't fluctuate, the car just vibrates. until now nothing has come up on the iDrive.

Today i started her up and there was no EML light present and on the iDrive the fault menu says 'OK - No Faults'.

I took the car to the local BMW specialists who advised me that it should be okay as the fault has gone away and the EML light hasn't activated and said to come back if it did. Should I listen to him and carry on until the warning comes up again? Is this a risk?

Is it normal for the idle to be lumpy on a cold start or is this pointing towards a problem?

I am really worried!

Once again thank you for all the help and advice
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