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Originally Posted by krash View Post
You would think 8 buttons is enough, and honestly, I don't think they should add anymore, because once you start having more than 8, then they're probably going over the top...

But, right off the top of my head, I see a need for 3 buttons dedicated to my family. 1) Wife's cell phone, 2) Daughter's cell phone, 3) Son's cell phone.

Plus, I'd like to add several channels for Sirius, and I like all those that BJ put out there...
I figured out a way to prioritize cell phone numbers so that they appear the moment you hit the Phone button on the iDrive controller. As result, you don't need to tie up any of the 1-8 console shortcut buttons for that function.

The way it works now, you hit Phone, it defaults to the address book, but it's in alphabetical order. So many of the favorites that you would be dialing frequently are buried hundreds of entries below.

The workaround for this is to add a "period" before the name of the address book entry. iDrive prioritizes certain symbols ahead of letters and numbers. So on my iPhone, I've added eight duplicate phone numbers and changed the names thusly:

"Home" is duplicated as .Home

"My Wife" is now split as .Wife Mobile and .Wife Work

Once you set up these duplicates with just phone numbers and add the "period" before the first letter of the person's name, they will appear on the very first screen the second you hit the phone button on the iDrive controller.

From an iPhone standpoint, the duplicates do not appear in your favorites and don't add clutter to your core address book on that device.


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