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Originally Posted by Tyannt View Post
If you believe that I'm a Lady, you've lost all faith from me that you ever had a reputation of
being a nice guy!

The Tyrant!
There you go. You actually believed that I had such a reputation to begin with just because I said so. You are surely a chick.

And considering your distinct brand of sarcasm in your earlier posts.....a pretty pouty, or a pouty pretty one, I bet.

And considering that you're not the least bit vulgar, you might actually be a nice gal !

In fact......I think I know almost exactly what you might look like.

Here's hoping that unlike the car in the ad above, your "engine" might be an m"50" instead of an m"20".



p.s. Fine, if you don't want to explain how vapourised coolant can escape from sealed systems, which proposition flies in the face of logic thus placing the burden of proof on the antagonist, then I shall take it that you've conceded the point.....and are pouting as you read this.
p.p.s. I am one of the guys in that commercial ! lolololol

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