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Originally Posted by S406 View Post
It looks to me that the leak was on or near the radiator and has been fixed previous to my ownership. There was trans fluid all over around the radiator. Im going to assume there fix was to stop the leak and may have found it to difficult to put the car up and top off the fluid. Everything is dry all around the trans and all the lines. I pressured washed everything with the bumper off and havnt seen any leaks yet.
It goes to show that the average mechanic does not know how to correctly check transmission fluids on our cars, for surely they would have done that after fixing the leak and 1.5 quarts is a **** load of fluid to be lacking that's nearly 20% of what the tranny will take during a regular oil change.

Or maybe the po fixed this quickly before selling it off to you and didn't want to spend more money basterds.

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