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Originally Posted by 525iclassicguy View Post
I can't really get in to detail but im going to tell you exactly wats going on ........say I take a ride at first everything seems good no issues. But when the oil start to flow and the car warms up as I'm driving first gear, second gear, third gear, then I'm come to a red light wen I take the car out of gear and switch it to neutral the car idles ruff and vibrates the low on oil light blinks as if the car is low on oil but its not the longer you drive the car the worst the idle get when you take it out of gear then it's starts to shut off wen in neutral after a while so I pop the hood to see wats going on and light smoke is coming for the side where the valve, spark plugs, oil filter etc are located and the car is leaking oil after I did the replacements....????the car went from overheating to this issue
It seems that your oil light is directly related to your poor idle. It sounds like your engine RPM are getting so low that it loses sufficient oil pressure thus triggering the oil light.

Have you investigated the possibility of a bad O2 sensor? If it is fine when cold, then the problem starts when it is warmed up, then the O2 sensor may be bad. It should be throwong a code if that is the case. I'd recommend you do the stomp test to see if there are any codes stored in the DME and address them if there are.

Good luck.
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It's Deja Poo - as in, I've heard this **** before.

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