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Originally Posted by SuperSnoop View Post
Ever driven a stick? The brake lights aren't lit when you're holding the car with the clutch. How is auto-p any different?
Yes... Spent most of my life driving stick.
I don't recommend holding you car in place with the clutch all of the time either. Same reason as above plus the additional wear and tear on your clutch and if you are rear ended, your foot naturally lifts off the clutch... Thus propelling your car forward into the car infront of you (or busy intersection) causing an additional accident that the DMV and insurance company will consider your fault.

Here in SoCal everyone is barely paying attention to the car in front of them, they are too busy texting or reading their email on their phones. Being stopped without a brake light illuminated is just asking for trouble.

I figure that it would make sense to have the brake lights light-up when the brakes are actually being used. BMW was nice enough to give us a green light on the dash to tell us that the brakes are on... How about a red brake light for the drivers behind us?
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