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As usual, you guys were spot on with the advice.

I sent my CA an e-mail asking him to make sure he could show me the tool kit, first-aid, manuals, etc. and he had everything lined up on the seat for me when I arrived. I purchased the car from Irvine BMW here in So. Cal. CA was Renzo Montoya and he was a pleasure to deal with....I know he worked hard to get the deal done quickly and I would recommend him.

Car is 2012 Vermillion Red over white-nappa. Driver's Assistance Package, Luxury Seating Package, Premium Sound, LED lights, 20" rims, heated seats, ceramic controls, BMW Apps...I think that's it for the options. I was able to use the 2013 upgrades as leverage to work a deal on the 2012 which had been on the lot for several months.

Car will be my wife's car (unless it needs gas, service or washing, then it will be "my" car for the day LOL) and she does not know / care about more power in the 2013 version so it all worked out.

When I initially went to see the car it was only to see if the vermillion red was acceptable because I thought the white / black two-tone interior would be a deal-breaker, but my wife really liked it and the more I stared at it (over several days) the more I liked it. I got black floor mats (in addition to the white standard mats) for both wear and aesthetic reasons. The black floor mats really tone down the mostly white lower half of the interior. I'll post pictures as soon as I take some.

Thanks again for the help. It is only because of the interest and enthusiasm of the regulars on this forum that this board rocks. I look forward to contributing where I can and I will lurk here daily. You may only see 1 post per month, but I am soaking up everything that is discussed.

PS: Now I'll need to commit Southern's blog to memory to help wife figure out how to make all the whiz-bang gizmos in this car work properly.
PPS: Tool kit had 2 items (tow hook and screwdriver)...
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