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Originally Posted by Tyannt View Post
Roberto, and to all:

Lil ol me did in fact, originally type "HOT SPOTS can develop; areas where air gets trapped and
can "BURN OFF COOLANT", cause coolant loss and overheating."

I agree that Hot Spots do not actually vaporise coolant!
Actually my dear, hot spots can and probably do vapourise coolant. However, that vapourised coolant, unless it escapes the system through a hg leak, a cracked head, or a rupture or loose fitting somewhere in the radiator and cooling hoses circuit, will inevitably cool and condense back into solution once the car is shut down.

The vapourised coolant can form an gaseous barrier between hot metal and liquid coolant, thus preventing the hot metal from being cooled, and thus resulting in overheating.

That's in theory. However, in practice, I very much doubt that this is significant enough to actually cause problems. Coolant is being circulated and it does push air and vapourised coolant throughout the system and away from the insulated hot spot.
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