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Originally Posted by Jortiz96 View Post
... after the 200 miles i am filling up when i am dangerously low on gas.
Please fill up now, drive until below the 1/4 mark, and then tell us how many gallons it takes to fill up. We need to hear your actual miles per gallon which you have not said. The actual miles per gallon based on long division is an important number. Please wait until you have an actual figure.

I will share that I just only acquired my 1997 1.9L eight weeks ago. I was appalled at how fast the gas gauge sank after the 1/2 mark as I roared around town. But when I did the long division, the mpg came out to the high 20's.
17-Nov-12 32,754 275 10.8 25.4 City, suburb
25-Nov-12 33,024 270 9.3 29.0 City, suburb, rural, I-state
9-Dec-12 33,184 160 5.9 27.1 City, suburb

So please, do share your actual miles per gallon.

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