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Originally Posted by fmb View Post
I love my new too me 2010 328i.. I purchased it with 35k miles and was wondering typically hpw many miles this car/engine is expected to last. I'm a somewhat sporty driver but never hard on the car. I plane on having all sched maintenance done but really curious how many miles these awesome cars last before having trouble...150K..200K ? Any tips on prolonging the shelf life? Thanks in advance for any info.
Auto transmission failure kills most cars (cost to repair > value of most cars much past ~120K miles) . Change transmission fluid every 50K miles to significantly increase its lifespan + other fluids at least every four years apart from power steering which really should last a long time (change it often too if you like). Run Technron through before every oil change; not sure how many cars carbon build-up actually kills but it necessitates fairly expensive repair in many.

Once a car is out of warranty most people do nothing but change the oil. Mike Miller schedule works but is a bit OTT IMO.

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