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Originally Posted by simplemind View Post
Thanks guys, I leased an 07 Touring that I couldn't wait to give back. Not because it was a bad car, but the hatchback was pretty useless. too small of an opening to get a bike into.
The Outback is the CO state car as you see more of them than anything else, so that's a good choice.
The Element is quite versatile, and yes, fugly. No one would want to "key" that one. The Honda drive train is less than stellar, but reliable.
I think you have successfully talked me out of the X series and given some reasonable alternatives...thanks!
The Element is not really an AWD car. It is a FWD car that, upon slippage, engages the rear wheels. The effect, compared to a real, full time AWD car, is mostly felt in regular driving in bad weather, where all the wheels have drive, as opposed to plowing through a corner in FWD only. Having had both (the CRV has the same drive train), the AWD is much, much better in the rain and slush and snow. The only thing the Element (or CRV) is OK at, regarding AWD, is taking off from a stop. Otherwise, it is FWD all the way.

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