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Clay baring your car is one of the most important steps of a paint decontamination process. But before you clay you must remove the LSP or other wax/sealants from the surface. Since this is a thread about clay baring I am not going to go into detail of the LSP removal process.

After removing the LSP, begin claying as the first thorough post #4 on page 1. Nice writeup Nick T.! It is key to use lots of lubricant. Not using enough lubricant will cause you to scratch, mar, and severely damage your clear coat. I recommend using ONR (Optimum No-Rinse). This product is excellent for multiple purposes (including washing during winter months or water restrictions). You can use this in any spray bottle and dilute it for many uses. I personally use a Kwazar bottle due to the dual spray ability (you squeeze, it sprays, you release, it sprays) and this really saves your hands if you do multiple cars a day or intend on doing an all-day (...and maybe night) detail.

There are different types of clays depending on the severity of the contamination. I keep several types floating around, all in their own clean containers and soaked in a quick detail spray. There was a product released earlier this year called NanoSkin AutoScrub that has greatly simplified the claying process. If you use traditional clays, make sure you cut yourself a smaller working piece at a time, and if it drops to the floor DISCARD IT! Clay is cheap, resprays are not. If you use the AutoScrub on your DA and it gets dirty, you can wash it off. The reason I bring up the AutoScrub is it has cut my times down to about 20 minutes per car. As a detail hobbyist this is important because it gives me more time to focus on polishing and applying the LSPs post decontamination.

Anyways, as a new comer to the forum I wanted to chime in and offer a small contribution, and if anyone wants more information or product recommendations feel free to reach out! If you are timid about doing all of this on your own, I'm in the north Dallas area and offer my services for far less than what the pros do and I will teach you while I renew your ride!

Good luck and happy holidays!
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