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OK, here it is. Hope this acts as a definite proof. I might even start a new thread so ppl can find it more easily for future use.

Two moderate runs, one in D, one in DS. About half throttle on both (still with a nice push into the seat in the D mode which brings the best torque out of the motor ).

Here is the grid based on the video to confirm that both D and DS start out in the 1st gear.


1st 20 2700
2nd 50 3700
3rd 60 3100
3rd 70 3500

The vid is being stabilized so hopefully the link will still work OK once that process is completed.

Good luck to all fighting a severe case of the 2nd gear on startup. As I said, that concept sounds insane, really and a major malfunction. F10 isn't a truck and doesn't tow anything, so there'd be absolutely no reason to design it to start in the 2nd gear and reserve the 1st for more load. What more load? More kids in the back? More iron suitcases in the trunk?

It'd be nice to see a similar vid for the 550.

PS. Remember, to avoid high revving in the 1st given some tremendous power, the D mode in my car simply upshifts very quickly (and virtually seamlessly... it is really brilliant engineering, I catch myself off guard not even realizing that, that's how smooth and lightninig-fast it can be!). I observe this very often, especially from under a stop sign when making a turn, by the time I am done turning (which takes no time), the car is already in 2nd). The RPMs probably don't even reach 2k in the 1st when the car upshifts IF you want a slow and slip-free take-off. At the same time, if I push it some more on take-off, I can feel the wheels fighting for grip in wet conditions in the 1st. They also do in the 2nd but with noticeably lesser loss of grip.


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