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Originally Posted by mdsbuc View Post
I was struggling with pretty much the same dilemma. But, as some others have said, the choice is not really so extreme. When you consider that the 335 comes standard with adaptive zenons, folding rear seat, the alarm system and moonroof, the real difference in price is about $3000.

For me, I dropped Cold weather package and added heated front seats. I dropped the Driver's Assistance package and added PDC and rear camera. I deleted Driver's Assistance Plus, and dropped Automatic High Beams. This made up about 2/3 of the real three thousand dollar difference between the two cars. For me, getting the 335 was easily worth giving up those few things and adding a thousand bucks. I've still got Tech Package, Premium Package, HK, Rear Camera/PDC, Heated Fronts, and more. That's a very nice compromise I believe. To trim a little more I considered cutting the Tech Package and adding the Nav, but just couldn't do it!


The difference in price is negligible to someone into a car for $50,000. I think in the OP's case, he wants to avoid the 3 month wait (wouldn't we all) for the configuration he wants and the temptation to be in an F30 on Monday is too much to resist.

If it were me (and it was), I'd place my order, wait patiently, and bury myself in Bimmerfest counting down the days until the precise car I wanted arrived.

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