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I hit a little snag after installing the engine. After the initial startup I noticed it was missing on a couple of cylinders and the cat was glowing red hot... upon trying to restart the engine it would crank but not start, so I ran codes and had cylinder malfunction on 3, 4 and 5 after working some diagnostics it appears that number 4 or 5 injector may have stuck causing the relays in the DME to fry and blowing the fuse for the DME at the same time.

I found and ordered a used replacement Siemens MS43 DME with matching numbers. It will need to be reprogrammed but after checking today there isn't a shop within three hours of here that knows how to reflash the unit and having called the service departments for BMW Austin and Dallas I got the "You will have to bring it to us and we will see..." 3 hrs away...well that ain't gonna happen!

I need some direction on a DIY solution to this problem... What is the protocol for replacing the MS43 controller?

Thanks for the help!!
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