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Mein Auto: E30 S52 / S52 M roady
Originally Posted by 7pilot View Post
I put an S52/ZF 320 in the E30M3. Decided to use a Dakota Digital tach signal converter until I get a six cylinder cluster.
The tach is 50% optimistic at idle and gets worse as the revs go up.
Watching the tach needle slam past 8k and then bounce is just silly.

I had the same issue when I swapped my 1.9L Z3 for a 2.8 M52. idle was normal but the revs climbed so fast and the needle flew past 7K. Coupled with loud MAgnaflow exhaust it raised some eyebrows.

Originally Posted by van31 View Post
I dont have the old Tacho, i bought the car and it reads wrong. So you recommend pulling out the cluster and checking?

it's a 323i '85 chassis/motor, but with (what i suspect to be ) a 318i cluster.
It's not that bad, it just looks like i live on the redline..
Late model clusters are backwards compatible throw a moto meter in there from a 87+ 325i and you should be money.

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