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trans slipping for two years, now trans program


This is my first time to bimmerfest!

I have "inherited" and 1995 525i with 250000 miles on it about March of 2011. That is when the transmission began acting up. It has simply caused the same problem since then but getting worse over time. Just recently it has been significantly getting worse. I have put probabaly 12,000 miles on it fine with the trans messing up. My plan was to drive it till it died or drive it till the tranny dies then buy a used one and replace it myself.

So here is what the tranny does - When you accelerate from a stop, the car will begin jolting rapidly. The shaking is quite intense. It only does this if you try to accelerate at a normal to quick speed. Recently I figured out if you acclerate hard enough, the tranny will slip and you can rev up the RPM to around 5,000 and it will somehow slip in and accelerate then. I only do this when the car is trying to go up a hill, its the only way it can do it now.

It goes into second gear fine once its out of first. Then once it goes from second to third, the RPM shoots up rapidly and it feels like the car stops accerating and the tranny slips. Then once in third, the car drives like a charm. Great on the highway... Reverse works fine as well.

One other thing is when its been sitting for a while, and I switch the car into Drive, it takes a couple seconds for it to seem to go into the drive gears...

Well yesterday the car finally gave in. a Trans Program message popped up display so I took it home and parked it. I have done lots of reading on the tranny over the years. One good read I found was this -

I'll perform some of that today. Esepecailly the gear selector switch. I believe liquids have spilled in that before.

SO my question, will replacing the tranny fix this? or could it be as a simple as the ECU, a solenoid, throttle sensors, etc??? I truly dont believe the car is having low voltage issues. Has a brand new really nice $200 battery.

Thanks so much for your time and help!_a_
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