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1999 Astral Blue Z3M 15k Miles, what to look for?

I got lucky (I think?) at a job recently where a customer had a 1999 BMW Z3 M in Astral Blue sitting next to their barn. Off the cuff I asked about the car and they said they had just moved in a month ago, and didn't have garage space for it, and were looking to sell it. Asked price... they said $20K.

I returned a month later and offered $15K as it was still there. Owner said "Ok" but that was the lowest they would go as they had been offered about that much on a trade in.

Is this a steal? The car has ONLY 15,000 miles, and reading around about the various issues it does not have dry rot on the top... top is in perfect shape. Other than the last couple months the car has been garaged and covered, never driven winters, owner has all service receipts. Only issue I see with the car is on the font bumper near bottom the little corners in center of air scoop have minor paint chips on them. Otherwise? No scratches no dings no dents no rust, etc.

I have been looking for a fun car for summer... and this seems perfect at the very least to enjoy next summer and possibly end up with a few bucks in my pocket if I don't decide to keep it. Blue book is unreliable as the car is so low mileage so I am having a hard time understanding how to value the car.

Any help would be welcome and appreciated by the knowledgeable community here I have to make a decision by the end of the year whether to jump on this. It's a beautiful car... (it has blue color keyed interior too which really caught my eye!)

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