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Originally Posted by icucmeuc View Post
... No such thing as too fast!
But there is for me. I had motorcycles for 50 years, and don't like fast bikes or fast cars The Z3 M reminded me of a super bike I once rode, more than I was capable of handling, and unpleasant because of its being reined in all the time.

I do like to be able to use a bike or car's full acceleration going up through the gears. I like the way the engine and exhaust sound under load. The longer it can last, the more enjoyable for me. With superbikes and supercars, I can't do that safely.

It is more fun for me to drive a slow car fast than drive a fast car slow. What is fast for one is slow for the other.
So I enjoy my new 1.9L to which I added a Supersprint exhaust, more than I did the Z3 M that I test drove.

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