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745i 2002 engine reconditioning

Hello all.

As the title says I am reconditioning engine of my 745i, which is more of an hobby since I don't need the car to be functional and family have other cars to get them around.
So I have been taking it fairly easy to recondition it. Also I am very busy with the company and now that xmax is around I finally get time to write about it and hoping it will help others or give some in-depth of how this magnificent engine works.

Here is a summery why I decided to do it myself.

My car started to leak oil from left upper timing case and alternator gasket also leaking coolant from return pipe under the manifold. Repair of all these was carried out by independent BMW mechanic in Sydney. Next thing I found was car is blowing white/blue smoke and that was the trigger point that I had enough of, so called specialist BMW mechanic in Sydney. By the way I went through three BMW mechanics after smoke.

They all diagnosed different problem and finally last one said what I thought is "Valve seal".

When I opened the left cylinder head cover, surprise surprise I found block was full of dust and pieces of leaf. That is the part mechanic opened to change the left upper gasket timing case. SO THERE I HAD IT.

Now I stated digging with the aim just to change valve seals and ended up doing a lot more. Since mechanics broke so many parts and rounded few screws.

It is a very warm day in Sydney but once evening draw closer I will post pictures and how I opened the engine.

I hope it will be helpful to you or at least gives you some more info.

Will post soon.
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