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Originally Posted by macming View Post
I managed to install the piggy back computer tonight. The entire process took about 30 ~ 40 minutes. Everything is SO much easier the second time around. I took my sweet time to ziptie everything in place, so it took a little longer.

I only got a chance to take her out for a quick drive, but WOW. There is no turbo lag and the extra torque down low is very noticeable. As soon as you step on the gas, the X just moves forward. Granted, it's not as fast as the M3, but the drive-ability is definitely improved. The throttle response (aside from the slow auto tranny) is comparable to the E46 M3 which has six individual throttle bodies and is infamous for great throttle response.

After a few miles, I switched over to manual shifting. Up high, the engine really screams and it's definitely faster when the revs are high.

Overall, it's an excellent mod especially for the price. The install isn't too bad, and I will create a more detailed install doc with a long term review.
Here's my quick review after a driving with the Tune for a week. Please remember this is my opinion for the way I drive.

1. Turbo lag is greatly reduced.
2. Throttle response is much better.
3. It my be my imagination, but it seems like I can hear the Turbo more under hard acceleration.
4. Normal driving is unchanged.
5. Great product for the price. Recommended to anyone driving E70 N55.
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