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Unhappy Idrive or cable loose?? going nuts!!

hello dear friends, im very new to bmw and i just took a chance and bought a bmw 2004 530i, well all good for about 3 days untill suddenly the idrive screen stop going on and off for about 10-15 sec then goes completly off for about 45 seconds.. when the screen goes off i heard a click like small shake on the tranny(im guessing here) well when the screen comeback on 3 different warning pop with it , ABS, transmission and sometime brakes, well all this while i was driving, i drove slow (50mph) for another 20 miles i arrived to my destination and parked, well a few hours later ill turned it on and ALL GOOD, no problems or warning, it did once a day for a week ..all this was on a highway

now i drove locally and when the idrive screen start going on and off i noticed that the car did not responded, at that moment the tran and engine felt like a %60 less power very slow and wipers where also very slow and also the heater fan sound like was hardly blowing,, i got to my friend house and i turned the car off while the screen was blinking on and off, well it didnt start back on, when i turned the key it seems with out battery, i charge the battery and works. but died shortly after,..
i went and i purchased a new battery, workeed flawless for 2 full days untill today did it again in the morning screen when on and off and hardly started it because seems that the battery was running out of jiuce, well i stayed in the car for about 10 minutes and the radio was going on and off for minutes at the time same thing with the heater fan blower on and off, after 10 minutes the screen came back on and everything seems to work ok.. now i check for voltage to the battery and i have 14.5 so do not seems that is the alternator.. and with a new battery keep doing the same.. probably a ground cable loose? really im going crazy the car has 130k miles in mint conditions and i keep reading about all this faulty idrives..
any, any help will be highly appreciated
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