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problem with instructions


i just returned from the garage where i replaced my glass and door struts and i have several comments. Most fresh in my mind is the difficulty installing the hinge/wire covers. Either i am doing it the hard way (clearly) or the extra thickness in electrical tape over my numerous wire repairs have kept it all from simply snapping together.

Of primary concern regarding XPCGamer's instructions. When loosening the large hex nuts, particularly for the larger tailgate struts, pressure from the strut causes the nut/ball aparatus to get crooked prior to the popping off of the strut. This causes some stripping of the threads in the roof of the car. I had some difficulty getting the hex bolts to rethread back into the roof. HAving the hex nuts out makes it easy to get the strut onto the ball, feeling with your little finger for the female part of the ball joint on the far end of the strut. However, rather than popping them off while removing the hex nuts, I recommend popping off the strut with a long screwdriver (I used the long shaft from a drill operated cement mixer...what a barn job). Again, rethreading the hex nuts back into the roof was a real problem and as it stands i have one in correctly (after tapping it with a 5/8ths narrow threaded tool--i know it's likely a metric thread but it does not appear to be a standard sized thread. Its narrower than the standard metric thread for that size (16 i think, which does not normally have both narrow and wide threads according to my observations at the hardware store)

Long story short... avoid stripping the threads holding the hex nut described in step 7 (provided by XPCGAMER), primarly for the larger struts as mine (2000 wagon with 175k miles) still had enough pressure to mangle the threads. Do not pop off struts by removing the hex nut. Instead pop off using some sort of long tool, then remove hex nuts and proceed to step 9.

the job took me about 5 hours, but included a trip to the hardware store for tap and die tools and a good bit of wiring re-repair.

now for a sam adams and a football game on the DVR.
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