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What to do with compilation CDs Then?

Originally Posted by astrohip View Post
I'm working on this as we speak.

As an aside, I am not d/l'ing to the internal HD. I have a 16GB USB stick that has more than enough music for now. So I don't see any reason to use the HD. Plus, it's a no-brainer to change the USB drive; I have no idea how to change the internal BMW HD. I'm sure I could learn, but who cares?

Some tracks show art, some don't. For some, it's obvious why not. Weird compilation names for the Album Name, that are probably not a real album, but a made-up name ("Best Hits of the Vietnam Era" ). But some I can't figure out why they don't display. I have listened to some albums that are very simply--one artist, one album name, both short & sweet, and spelled correctly. Why don't they display?

So I am running an experiment. I am taking a track that works, and playing with a variety of the Tags. I am going to see if I can figure out which ones are critical for info, and if things like spelling affect it. I'll copy this MP3 a dozen times, change the Tag info on each copy in some minor way, and see what happens.

I'll report back.
Astrohip, thanks. You're probably still working on it. I just wanted to identify to everyone my minor (I say minor because its not a big deal, but it would just be a real huge inconvenience) concern. The reason this is an issue for me is this: If I have compilation CDs that Gracenote is not picking up on, then if I decide to store it in the internal HD, it will title it Unknown Artist, Unknown track. I already did that for one album, so I'm cautious to do that again until this gets figured out. If I do it for another unknown CD, then I could possibly end up having several Unknown Artist, Unknown Track for more than one album. If I wanted to play a specific album but I didn't have that information available on display, then basically I would have to listen to each unknown album to determine which one I want to listen to. I know. For most people, this is common sense stuff and shouldn't need any explanation. I wanted to ensure that if there was someone out there in the community that didn't understand why this thread was important or of relevance, they could understand from this explanation. Especially for non-audiophile people or non-techy people. Thanks.
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