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Confucius once say: "What is worse than a BMW dealership?"

Answer: A BMW customer.

Go to other forums to see attitude and behavioral differences among customers and dealers, e.g., Audi, Cadillac, Corvette, Mercedes, T-Bird (retro), etc. See examples below.

I spend several hours per day on various forums, and I have done this for 4 or 5 years.

My impression of attitudes and comments on various forums:

TBird forum members:
I need a hard roof shipped from Austin to Chicago. Can anyone help.
Poster from south Tx says he will pick it up, attach it to his car and drive it to St. Louis. Another poster will chime in and volunteer to take it on last leg of trip.

Cadillac forum members: (My personal experience at Caddy dealership.) I took my 07 Caddy in for a detailing. When I picked it up, the outside driver mirror was not working via inside buttons. I spoke with service writer. He agreed that something was wrong. I told service writer the following:
a. this failure happened coincidentally. OR
b. detail guy pressed on glass and stripped gears in side of mirror. OR
c. too much water got into mirror mechanism, and it would probably start working again in next few days.

Service writer told me he would make it right and do what is necessary. I knew that dealer would do a chargeback against the detail guy (who was likely making $9.00 per hour.) I told service writer that I would wait a few days to see if the mirror corrected itself because I did not want the detail guy to pay $700 or so out of his pocket. After all, my car was almost 5 years old.


Mirror started working again after a few days. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Audi forum member: F & I person tried to oversell extended warrs and service plans. He told me that if I did not buy these plans at the time of actual purchase, that I could not buy them in the future. Poster did some research and discovered that the above info was incorrect. Poster felt that he could not and would not trust this dealer for future needs. Poster started doing business at another dealership; poster posted his displeasure on the forum.

Corvette forum member: Dealer cracked rocker panel. I spoke with service mgr. He looked at car, consulted with technician. Dealership agreed to install newly painted new rocker panels. No arguments; no cussing by either party; dealer did what was right. Dealer also voluntarily offered customer a free oil change. Customer accepted.

My distinct impressions after reading tons of posts on BMW forums:

Dealer scratched my tail light. I am going to DEMAND a new car.

We are all concerned about our possessions, but we are all humans. Some of us have greater social skills than others. In short, my unscientifically-formed impression is that the TBird owners have most of the social skills. You all can decide which other forum groups have greater or lesser social skills.

Final comment (for this thread/post) that I have heard on the BMW forums:

"I told that service manager where to go. I called him a complete arse hole. I also told him that I was taking my business to the dealer on the other side of town.

BINGO, as luck would have it, the old service manager leaves the first BMW dealership and moves to the one across town. Guess how much goodwill he gets at that dealership???

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