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Wifes 320i Xmas present will not start

Picked up the wife an E46 2002 320i for Xmas. Flew 1000 kilometers yesterday and jumped in an drove it home another 1000 kilometers. It drove well and is much improved over the E36 320i. Washed down the engine compartment this morning and now no start?
My friend is here now and gave me a rev up over using the water blaster but I didnt give it direct just misted it over to remove the degreaser. Wife took it for a drive after the engine bay clean and no poblems. It was only when I jumped into it to take it for a run it would not start.
Removed ignition coils etc no water seen anywhere in connectors even cleaned the induction system. It will start with starting fluid (aero spray) and it runs ok, remove the start treatment and it shuts down immediately. There is a solenoid that is located on the Left inner guard that has heater hoses running through the bottom of it and a solenoid on top. The solenoid was very hot to the touch even though the engine had not been running.
Only code that came up was P0406. What have I done? Her lady ship is not happy with me at the moment. Any ideas so I can have a better Xmas than what I am looking at now.
If I disconnect the battery and leave it for a while would that help?. I am a bit reticent to do that as I dont have the radio reset codes.
On further checking the eml light is on when the ignition key is turned fully on. Is this the problem and what is the fix?

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