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Thank you to the ones that commented and shame on how many viewers and no help or support. Anyways I had no choice but to take the car to BMW dealership and although I told them that I'm in the auto industry business they still tried to rape me on unesecary repairs but since I know how **** works that did NOT fly with me. I was told that my spar plugs were burned ($799) car won't blow smoke if spark plugs go out. So after our argument I told them that since that's what they're best at doing if they guarantee that if I spend $799 on spark plugs that it will fix my problem to go ahead and perform the work and if i spent $799 on something unesecary that I would go there pissed and there would be a problem since I'm not someome that can be ****ed with. They kept telling me that that's all they're seeing and without getting rid of that problem first they wouldn't be axle to know the actual issue. Again I told them that if you actually have a real tech checking into the problem to check it again since I'm by no means paying for unesecary repairs, like a lot of people do and get ripped off by mechanics, and told them to only call me after they found the actual problem...5 hours go by and I did recieve the call that I should of got in the first place without trying to ripp me off on $799 spark plug job that was not needed by any means.

So it ended up being Injector 1 went out and needed to be replaced. Since they realized that there not going to rape me they assured me that it was not the spark plugs and that was the actually problem. I authorized the work and also needed a oil change since some gas got into the motor.
They quoted me $1,800 on the injector replacement. I got other quotes from other dealers and jewed them down (YES YOU CAN NEGOCIATE WITH DEALERSHIP SHOP)

So hers what everything ended up costing me:
Injector 1 replacement $1,299
(((( the injector was only $230 the rest is labor))))
Oil Change $115.00
Out the door with taxes included
That's not including the $208 for the tow.
To my luck I heard for the BP bad gas sales in August 13-23 and since all I buy is BP Gas I made a claim went thru the hassle for a month and just got a check for $1,703.98 :-)
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