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Originally Posted by 645/333 View Post
Hi ! Whilst I have never had that warning light, there have been occasions when the car was lumpy on tickover but it soon passed when I revved the engine or it got warmer. It was not a regular thing but noticeable when it happened.
I do not know how many miles on the clock but you may find there are some things which may mitigate it happening in the future, especially if your local dealer said there were no codes registered.
The local independent specialist didn't even plug the reader into the car as there were no fault codes showing on the iDrive or dashboard...should he have still checked?

My car is currently at 84k miles.

So it's not only me who has a lumpy cold start idle every now and again...

Originally Posted by mayhs View Post
Must be something to do with the weather.

I have a 04' 645ci and never had a problem with it at all but yesterday started it up and had the same problem. Very rough idle with the same message displayed on the iDrive. I did not attempt to revv the engine, but just turned the car off and restarted it and nothing came up.

Since then I have started and run the car numerous times with no problems. Hoping its nothing serious...
Glad to know I ain't alone on this!! I was really scared!

Do you think it's to do with the UK's cold weather?

Mine hasn't come back also...but then I've only driven it twice since then (on holidays at the moment so I don't need to use the car).

Maybe it's a common 645 issue when the temperature gets colder?

Please update me if you have any future issues or the fault is diagnosed - I will really appreciate it. I will do the same also

Originally Posted by 645/333 View Post
Hi ! I see you have 645's so they may have some mileage on them, so as a preventative measure that really does have an impact, is to clean the injection system with BG44K, comes in a can follow the simple instructions make sure you have a full tank, this stuff really works!!! Also consider if you should clean the MAF sensor, it requires a special cleaner which is available but you really must follow the instructions, it is a very easy thing to do BUT do it wrong you can damage the sensor and that is not cheap. Both these things are worth doing anyway not expensive and can make a real difference if you have any kind of rough or lumpy running. Finally if it persists and you do have high mileage consider changing the fuel filter, it should be changed at some point in time anyway, again easy to do just a bit smelly with the petrol that naturally comes out when you strip it out!!! Hope these things help or at least worth considering even for prevention.....
Thank you for the advice matey

Where can I get this BG44K cleaner from?

How often is the fuel filter meant to be changed and how do you carry out this change? Don't think mine has ever been done!

I'm guessing this BG44K is just like the Redex where you pour it into the the fuel tank full of fuel?

Originally Posted by mayhs View Post
Ah thanks for the advice, will buy a can of cleaner when I get a chance and report back. My E63 has done just over 65k miles now, had 58k when I brought it 9 months ago, and has since had a oil service and new spark plugs and is only run on Shell V-power. Currently running perfect but will run the cleaner through the system anyway and see how it goes.

Could do without any surprise expenses just before Christmas!
I will probably do the same myself

Lets hope none of us face a large expense!

Originally Posted by 645/333 View Post
BG44k should be used every 20k or so, on mine it did improve running even consumption, but knowing the injectors and tops of the pistons got a decent clean makes it worthwhile, just for the record Lexus, Bentley etc. put this stuff in at every service......
Hmm that's reassuring!!!
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