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Originally Posted by kevmoz View Post
Hi Hassann and welcome. I'm new ish to 6 ownership and agree that this site is great for helping people like us. Yorgi's DIY guides have been great so far with pads and disks and resetting the idrive after changing the plugs.

BMWland in the UK is sponsored by my local dealer and they do offer special rates for genuine parts, could be worth a look.

Nice car and the best colour combination (same as mine) but I have different wheels.

Hi Kev, yeah Yorgi is unbelievably clever - don't think there's anything he don't know!! On top of that he is very helpful too!

Could you please PM with the details of your local dealer who provides special rates for BMWland members? If I ever require any parts in the future I will give them a shout Thank you!

Thank you matey - Always wanted grey! Even my previous 350z was grey with orange leather

Originally Posted by 645/333 View Post
Hi ! This is the best forum anywhere including other BMWs and other manufacturers, some of the guys are really worth listening to, very knowledgeable, not everyone will agree to everything but they do come to a consensus which will put you on the right track!!
When I had my 645Ci I had bought all of the parts necessary to do the transmission oil change, i.e. Transmission pan, mechatronics sleeve and oil 6 litres of special oil I mentioned (it is very difficult to buy), sadly I sold my car and so they just sit in my garage, will sell it all one day!
The 6 Series is the best car I have ever owned, I sold it for a 3.0ltr Z4 (E89), the worst car I have ever owned sold it after 6 months and now have a Mercedes 350 CDI E class convertible ( 2 months ago)
There were very specific reasons I sold it, there are many threads on the subject, but it came down to personal choice in the end !!! Would I buy another 6 Series YES !!! but only when the 2011-12 come into my price bracket as I will never ever buy a brand new car!!!
I have and continue to enjoy this forum and kick in when I think I can add value or an opinion, but still enjoy reading about new peoples they fall in love with the car......
That is very's quite enlightening to know there are individuals out there who are willing to help just for pure satisfaction and no other gain. I will do my best to add value to this forum myself also (once I've gained enough knowledge!)

How much you looking to sell these transmission oil change parts for? I may consider taking them off your hands...

I was close to purchasing a Z4 3.0 myself! My heart was always set on the 6 series so I thought I'd just got with my original choice - always wanted since it was first released! Listening to your feedback, I'm glad I didn't go for the Z4! You ain't the only one to complain about it!

You have made a good choice, I LOVE the E350 Convertible! I've driven one before - Loved it! What colour is it?

I am curious as to why you sold it, I will have a look through your threads
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