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Originally Posted by Hassann View Post
The local independent specialist didn't even plug the reader into the car as there were no fault codes showing on the iDrive or dashboard...should he have still checked?

My car is currently at 84k miles.

So it's not only me who has a lumpy cold start idle every now and again...

Glad to know I ain't alone on this!! I was really scared!

Do you think it's to do with the UK's cold weather?

Mine hasn't come back also...but then I've only driven it twice since then (on holidays at the moment so I don't need to use the car).

Maybe it's a common 645 issue when the temperature gets colder?

Please update me if you have any future issues or the fault is diagnosed - I will really appreciate it. I will do the same also

Thank you for the advice matey

Where can I get this BG44K cleaner from?

How often is the fuel filter meant to be changed and how do you carry out this change? Don't think mine has ever been done!

I'm guessing this BG44K is just like the Redex where you pour it into the the fuel tank full of fuel?

I will probably do the same myself

Lets hope none of us face a large expense!

Hmm that's reassuring!!!
Redex and the other cheap stuff are useless in the main. BG44K is expensive at 20+ per tin and can be bought easily off Ebay. You can search for the cheapest around. As for the fuel filter they reckon at around 60k miles, nothing definitive whilst never guaranteed, many parts changed are for preventive reasons especially if keeping your or coming into a 6 series at the 60K miles region. These cars will serve you well if you look after them. Another point in this weather do not put any other antifreeze in your engine other than BMW 's OEM. Major major reasons for doing this a bit like only BMW transmission oil, severe damage if you use others, even if they are cheaper. Funnily though some BMW stuff is not as expensive as you may think.

Other things to consider is keeping the battery on trickle charge when not in us, or if you are using the car only once a week ish, again if you don't follow this advice you will definitely experience problems at some point, many of them apparently having no bearing on the battery but this is the cause!!!!! These cars are extremely dependant on a good and consistent power supply, again read the threads bucket loads !!!!

Finally fault codes do not come up on the Idrive, all they tell you is the basic vehicle systems, you need a code reader and a good independent should have the right equipment, which plugs into the cars diagnostic port!!!!

Always said I would go back to a 6 series

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