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Originally Posted by cblandin View Post
I suppose it really comes down to what you prioritize. If you value dollars, mileage, or perhaps lighter weight more highly than power and the smooth straight 6 (and a few other 335i specifics) then the 328i could be the better car "for you"...and vice-versa.

Reminds me a little bit of the whole 330i vs ZHP 330i vs M3 situation in the E46 realm and 528i vs 540i sport vs M5 discussions in the E39 world.
I owned an E93 328i and then an E90 328i for 6 consecutive years and I don't know what this "smooth" comment is about the 6 cylinder engine in those cars because the performance was anything but smooth.

I could care less what the power curve looks like on a computer. All I know is that when I stepped on the gas in those E9X cars it didn't move very fast, it shifted inconsistently and very abruptly, and there was nothing remarkable about it's performance. Conversely, when I step on the F30, the thing flies and the shifting is so smooth and effortless you barely even know it's taking place.

I agree completely on the E46 vs. E90 debates that now turn into the F30 vs. E90 debates. It's like a reviewer comes out with a couple of callouts and suddenly it becomes the smoking gun. Ah, the engine isn't as "smooth". Oh, the materials are "inferior". Enough with the jealous nitpicking already.


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