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Originally Posted by JasonSC540ia View Post
LalaRay: You are correct; Jasonsc540ia stands for Supercharged 540 injected automatic. As if you didnt know what the ia was.

nyclad: No it is not a P90. Its a FN FS2000.

MR aftershock6783!

Id first like to point out that I'am not gay. Im twice divorced and working on #3. Dont judge is hard when your deploying to differant parts of the world all the time.

Id also like to point out that I understand you are not calling anyone here, gay. However, your comment says a lot about your character "Or maybe the evil corporations. Or maybe idiot bloggers. Or maybe the gays. I don't know". I can tell your a godly man by your other comments. So why are you doing the judging and not leaving that to God?

For those of you that have seen me on here you know Im a laid back sort of person that just tries to help people with there cars. It takes a lot to get me spun up....and this did.

Aftershock: Let me tell you a little bit about myself and "the gays" that I know that are protecting you right now as you sleep! Im assuming your sleeping right now because its 330am here in lovely NM. Im a Master Seagent in the US Air Force on active duty for over 22 years now. I have been an aircraft mechanic the whole time. F-16's 16 years, F-15's 3 years, and now F-22 Raptors. I have been many places, seen and done things you can only imagine. Before the "dont ask dont tell" policy went away, there were still gays in the Air Force. I have a very open gay person in my unit right now. He maintains the worlds most advanced fighter aircraft on a daily basis so that you have the right to own a BMW, goto whatever church you want, have the life you have and yes, voice your opinion on a fourm. This kid works 10-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, in the cold (18 degrees here right now), in the heat, rain and snow. Thats what kind of dedication it takes by our young men and woman, gay or not, to keep YOU and our nation free. If he was not out here on this flightline everyday doing what he does, whos going to take his place? You? I would take "the gay" to work with me all day everyday over you. I know he has got the heart and dedication to do what it takes to get the job done and not whine about it.

As I said before Im not gay. With all the pretty women out there I cant understand why anyone would want too be gay, but that is there choice and its Gods place to judge, not yours.

The young gay kid that works for me is a very funny and nice person. Being around a bunch of machanics he certinly can take a joke.

I, as "the gays" did also, swore an oath to up hold and defend the United States and our alias. So the next time you decide to pass judgment on someone I'd check to make sure Im not bitting the hand that is feeding me.

Getting off my soapbox meow
Thank you for your service and thank you for taking the time to shoot straight. (no pun intended.) Prejudice against anyone for any reason is wrong period but it especially has no place in your job environment where performance is everything. I am a 25 year civilian employee of NAVAIR and have plenty of time in the field with active duty squadrons. Enough to understand the truth in what you wrote ... and I am a twice married father of two and quite secure in my heterosexuality even if some of my retired 05 co-workers think I am bit gay for liking BMWs too much.

As for what i got for Xmas, the UPS man dropped off a nice package from Dr. Vanos this morning. Can't wait to install and see how my M54 3.0 is supposed to run.

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