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Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
As far as "driving feel" and balance is concerned:

E30>E21>E46>E36>E90>F30. Ask anyone who has tracked these cars if they would rather take an E90 or even E46 over an E30 to the track. My suspicion is the answer would be no.

But this is a moot point, unless you're buying a track car. If you're looking for a daily driver, with multiple personalities and a good balance of performance, technology and design, I believe the F30 would be the winner hands down.

I missed my E46 the minute I stepped into the E90, but I can't say the same about the E90. I actually can't wait to move on to my F30. I still love my E90, but the F30 just does more stuff, better, with very few noticeable compromise. It suits my evolving needs.

If you think the 3 series has lost it's feel, boy, you should take a ride in the F10. Holy cow! And boy, is cow a fitting description here.

This E90 vs. F30 "battle" is silly, especially when it comes to handling because the difference between the two is a 2%er at most. An E36 driver would have a seizure in an F30, throw his hands up in despair wondering what BMW has done to the 3 Series. An E90 driver gets into an F30 and says "oh, that feels a little different".

The F30 is a logical, mature progression from the E90. Neither the E90 nor the F30 are anything resembling an E36 or E46. Those that want to hold onto their E90's and skip the F30 can do so, but they're not like some E36 purists back in 2006 doing it for the "right" reasons if you will. E90 owners don't have those kind of performance differentiators to justify that decision.

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