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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post


Thing is, if there was no 335i, all the 335i people would be drooling all over their 328i's and telling the world what a great car it is.


Ummm ... No. but very conveniently put.

BMW enthusiasts have expectations, and BMW has a legacy to live up to. The 328i is a great car, no doubt, but will truly satisfy only those willing to compromise on BMW's 3 series core essence (inline-6 power, delivery and acoustics). Don't forget, BMW also needs to satisfy the rental car, euro taxis, corporate fleet cars and the older driver "Now that I've made it, lemme go out and buy me a BMW" demograph. The 328i 4 cylinder is a great way to capture that market segment, which will most likely never pop the cars hood or even care to buy as little as a sport package on their BMW. The less expensive and less performance oriented 3 series models (328i for the USA) dovetails nicely with that crowd.

I'd wager that in the USA, BMW will sell more F30 Sport/M-Sport packages on their 335i engine than the 328i engine, as a percentage of total sales of each model respectively. Just my guess.

Having said that, I had the F30 328i sport line (Melbourne Red on Black) for a few days for an extended test drive, and I loved it. However, I realized right away that it was down on power (although an improvement on the E90 328i). It's an impressive little engine, and a great feat of engineering to squeeze all that power out of that tiny little thing, but boy does it sound like it. It breaks in a sweat and screams out in anguish with every kickdown. Not nearly as effortless, smooth and gracious as an inline-6. Anyway, long story short, I ordered a 335i without even test driving it. I won't lie, I thought about saving some money and ordering a 328i. It didn't take that much thought, and the decision to order the 335i was a much easier one in my case.
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