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Mein Auto: BMW-less for now
Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post

You fall back on the old E46 argument about how they were holding onto a "classic" or a "car that is more to the BMW identity" than the E90. See, they had a point. You don't. The E90 and the F30 are the same damn car, one more modern than the other, that's it. Holding onto an E90 on the grounds that you prefer it is fine, but holding onto it on the grounds that its more of a "true purists" BMW like the E46 owners did, LOLZ, laughable.

Well there is more to it. You sound like if F30 = 328i. Wrong. I never condemned the F30 which is likely to be my next car as a 335i, only the N20 that is not a good fit for a 3-series, specially when you are used to better powetrains.
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