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i have kinda the same problem, i us to get the trans program but i swap a censer that was by the speaker in the passenger side inside a black box, i think its the transmission computer anyways it seems to have fix it since that was what my mechanic was seeing to having a error MSG, but it would only happen when i would turn on the car and it would be a rare thing, months at a time, anyways the car still slips it does it only twice one right after the other, it can be a soft little push while the car slips to gear. i have notice that if i speed up to fast from normal to fast speeds the car will slip and push you hard enuff for the passengers to feel. i have also change the speed censer but nope it still there, it was almost a 400 dollars and no fix, they gave me a full inspection of the car and car wash, and now i used it as if i payed for a 400 dollar car wash lol, my car is an 1992 525i automatic with 101000 miles on it, i have also notice that at times it will be hard to shift down from P to Drive or Reverse, i also notice a slight delay when entering reverse not to much to freak out about it but still noticeable. I really hope we can get answers to our questions as i do would like to swap or do an overhaul on my transmission.

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