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Originally Posted by Yorgi View Post
My guess is ... BMWNA [devised] their own stickers to place over the factory ones. This would explain why the 2007 stickers look like a marketing kid designed them vs a German engineer.
Bad guess. BMW AG changed the placards, across the line. They are not plastered over the old-style labels, they are not installed at the port, they are not some one-off independent action by BMW NA. They simply changed the placards installed at the factory. Go look at any late-model BMW and you'll see.

The old-style stickers listed all the factory wheel/tire options and gave pressures for all of them at nominal and max load. Let's be honest: They were crowded, somewhat difficult to read and a bit confusing/intimidating to the average (non-gearhead) car owner, who just wants the recommended pressure for the factory-installed tires on his or her car. The new stickers provide only that, referring you to the owner's manual for everything else. For the vast majority of owners, who never install a tire size different from the factory-equipped set, this is entirely appropriate. The rest of us can still find the additional data very easily, in the manual--and in a much clearer presentation than a semi-cryptic sticker, to boot.

[Addendum: It is entirely possible this style of placard is used only on NA-bound cars (where, if you trace far enough to determine the origin of any large-type, colorful, safety-related label on any product, you will usually find a lawsuit and/or government regulation ). I have not compared the labels on late-model cars in other markets. However, there is no doubt that for the US at least, this is the official BMW AG factory sticker and replaces the old style.]
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