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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
K-A, if you want an unique car, forget the F10, Msport or no Msport, they are everywhere. Maybe consider waiting for the LCI F10 or if you can swing it, go for the 6 gran coupe. The GC is one of the most unique BMW around, you can see that thing coming a mile away. I saw a white GC on the road a month ago, it simply just stood out from the rest of the cars on the road.
Thanks for the replies guys.

Yeah, the 6 GC would be ideal. I think those things are so technically overpriced, the used market will crush them on resale, which I'm already seeing cracks of. I'd love to wait another few months or so on one of those as the "newness novelty" wears off and go from there, though have to consider a few things like time, etc.

Too bad finally by the time I'm getting around to indulging in the tick I've had since the F10 came out (which is that I can't deny just how perfect that car is for me, the styling and design is very my-speed), the M Sports are gonna be so damn common. Again, I don't mind having a "common car", hey, if it's a great car and I'm not spending upwards of $100+K, then "commonality" doesn't signify such a bad thing (means the car is a true winner), but the W212's boredom-of-all-AMG-packages-everywhere just taught me that, like it or not, I need a car that has a variable availability and presence on the roads....

Though, again something to consider is when you're used to the W212 where EVERYONE has the exact same AMG Sport Package, I guess the F10 even in its newest era of "accessible M Packs" is a big improvement. Though the question is, where does the availability of it go from here.

IMO even the M5's presence will be diluted out as it doesn't look all that different from the M Sport. Though some M5 drivers I know will like the added ubiquity factor.
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